Worst Hare Championship

Worst Hare Championship

ORLANDO — The battle over the O2H3 Hareline has come to its logical conclusion after the stunning announcement that Stink Stick and Orange & Blue Balls will do battle for the Worst Hare Championship over the next two Saturdays.

This announcement comes after months of scandal accusing the Hareraiser, Super Cool Guy, of secretly selling off the hareline to the Puerto Ricans.

Stink Stick has been leading the charge for the regular hashers by filling as many holes in the hareline as possible. This amid criticism that he is indeed the worst hare ever.

Meanwhile OBB, the reigning, defending, undisputed, Worst Hare Champion, has been conspicuous by his absence on the hareline fueling speculation that he is secretly pulling the strings of Super Cool ultimately setting up this prizefight.

“It’s not my fault,” Super Cool said in a rare moment of media availability. “It’s the fault of the regular hashers. It’s their fault not mine.”

Super Cool has been accused of accepting gifts most notably a Puerto Rican hat that he now wears to every hash.

“Listen it’s a wonderful hat,” he stated. “Everybody loves the hat. Yes it was a gift but it is a wonderful hat. It is a wonderful hat that was a gift and everybody loves it.”

Details should continue to unfold tomorrow as Stink Stick releases the details for Saturday’s hash.

Other Orlando Hash House Harriers

Other Orlando Hash House Harriers
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The history of the Hash House Harriers goes back to 1938, and hash groups exist in most cities in the world. The “Other Orlando Hash House Harriers” have been running every week since 1986, a total of over 1800 hashes. We have a wide range of regulars, from serious runners to casual walkers. We welcome first-timers nearly every week and often have visiting hashers from all over the world. Everyone over the age of 21 is welcome.

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