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O2H3 #1914:

Predator Handshake

o2h3 #1914 - Predator Handshake
Date: Saturday, November 24, 2018

Hares: Private Snowball & Donkey Punch

Meet: 04:00 PM
Away: 04:30 PM

Cash: $7

Shiggy: 0.69

Location: near Orlando Brewing
1301 Atlanta Ave
Orlando, FL 32806

Street parking along Atlanta ave


In an underground running club where there are no rules, deep in the shiggy where nothing that hares is safe, an elite hashing squad is being led by the ultimate hounds and rangers. But now, they’re up against the ultimate enemy. We cannot see them (for most of the year), but they see the heat of our bodies in the summer and the ice on our beer all year. They hare for pleasure, they hare for sport. But this time, they’ve picked the wrong kennel to lead.

It’s Predator Handshake Time!!! A couple familiar faces are in town the for the holiday and have decided to team up for trail on Saturday. The stars aligned. The Mega Powers are ready to explode!. Meet up is in or around Orlando Brewing with street parking nearby. Prelube at the brewery is a plus. Trail to follow. Burn off that turkey day feast at this star studded hash.


FH5 #25:

East Central FL Post Turkey Day Trot

FH5 #25: East Central FL Post Turkey Day Trot
Date: Friday, November 23, 2018

Hare: Private Snowball

TIME: Meet up at 6:00 at Hideaway for Happy Hour. Hare will provide chalktalk nearby at 7:00 and be away at 7:15.

Cash: $5

Location: Hideaway Bar
516 Virginia Dr
Orlando, FL 32803


Sometimes, things change . . . but not the need to hit East Central Florida before the end of the year. So after visiting the West Central Region FH5 will finally hit East Central Florida and return to Orlando to give wankers a chance to run off all that damn food they just ate!

CO-WHORE-DINATING INSTRUCTIONS: Street parking available, but carpool or take public transit if you don’t have a DD (duh). Bring a flashlight or head(WSH?) lamp if you don’t trust your night vision . . . and a camera (for all you photography majors)

Florida Happy Hour Hash House Harriers

Other Orlando Hash House Harriers

Other Orlando Hash House Harriers
O2H3 30th Analversary

Hashers, Meet the Hashers…

Come out and join us for a different twist on running and having fun. What are we all about? We are all about having fun with friends. We are a “drinking club with a running problem.” Every Saturday we jog, walk, crawl and run a 2 to 5 mile cross country fun run. We follow a trail marked with flour and chalk laid by “hares” which ends at an “On-On” celebration and party. The cost is $7 and includes all the beer, soda and water you care to drink. It only takes half a mind to hash, so come out and join us!

The history of the Hash House Harriers goes back to 1938, and hash groups exist in most cities in the world. The “Other Orlando Hash House Harriers” have been running every week since 1986, a total of over 1800 hashes. We have a wide range of regulars, from serious runners to casual walkers. We welcome first-timers nearly every week and often have visiting hashers from all over the world. Everyone over the age of 21 is welcome.

We hash every Saturday afternoon and the evening of every full moon. See our schedule and the details of upcoming hashes on our O2H3 Hash Calendar or visit the special Event page.

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