Volunteer Beer Meisters

The Beer Meister hashes for free!

What is the O2H3 without beer, water and sodas? Bearer of the amber nectar. Provides love, warmth, and thirst quenching refreshment to the hash. Must have a vehicle with large cargo capacity and good shock absorbers to prevent undue foam-age. Tends to be very popular with the pack for some reason.

Unquestionably the most important position in the hash. The Beermeister has the weighty responsibility of making sure that the lifeblood of hashing is available at the hash event. He/she keeps constant vigilance to find the cheapest spirituous fermenti available, always has coolers in the car trunk, cases of beer in the garage. While this is a “pain in the ass” job, it’s undoubtedly the most important one to the hash.

This job requires a strong back and a weak mind.

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