O2H3 Mis-Management

Come out and join us for a different twist on running and having fun. What are we all about? We are all about having fun with friends. We are a “drinking club with a running problem.” Every week we jog, walk, crawl and run a 2-5 mile cross country fun run. We follow a trail marked with flour and chalk laid by “hares” which ends at an “On-On” celebration and party. The cost is $7 and includes all the beer, soda and water you care to drink. It only takes half a mind to hash, so come out and join us!

GM: Dick Jockey

Grand Master:
Dick Jockey

Jr GM: Mamms
Junior GM:
Thanks for the Mammaries

Hare Raiser:
Hash Cash: Motor Clitty
Hash Cash:
Motor Clitty
Religious Advisor:
Orange and Blue Balls

Beer Meister:
Volunteer Now

Kiddus Interruptus

Web Meistress:
Regatta Get a Boob Job

Social Mattress: